Frequently Asked Questions about Technology
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Frequently Asked Questions about Technology

Will CAI provide support for updates to operating systems?

CAI intends to support a new version of a currently supported operating system within 90 days of official release (except Chromebooks). Updated secure browsers may need to be downloaded as new updates are made to supported operating systems. AIR aims to complete testing within the 90 days, however CAI cannot guarantee support until all security requirements are met.

Note: To ensure compatibility with the secure browser, CAI recommends turning off the auto-update features on devices and operating systems used for online testing. Please refer to the portal for announcements on upcoming secure browser releases and new OS support. The following documents provide additional information on device support:

Where can I find installation instructions for the secure browser?

The Quick Guide for Setting Up Your Online Testing Technology explains how to set up technology in your schools and district.

For additional configuration and troubleshooting information, please see the configuration and troubleshooting guide for your operating system.

My school still has the secure browsers used last school year. Can we use these for testing?

No. The New Hampshire Statewide Assessments can only be accessed using the secure browsers specifically designed for the current test administration. Past secure browsers will NOT work and you may want to consider uninstalling previous secure browsers to avoid having multiple browsers present on the desktop. While old browsers will not affect the functionality of the new browsers, they cannot be used for any reason and may cause confusion for students and Test Administrators. For information about uninstalling secure browsers, refer to the Secure Browser Installation Manual.

Can tests be administered via virtualization software?

CAI recommends any virtualization software is used in conjunction with a zero client and meets specific configuration requirements.

Note: CAI does not have the ability to assist with VMware configuration setups, these questions need to be directed to VMware tech support.

How do I know if I’m technologically ready for the online test administration?

It is recommended that you use the network diagnostic tool at each of your schools to make sure you have enough bandwidth to be able to test the number of students taking a test concurrently.  The network diagnostic tool can be found on the practice and training test site under diagnostic tool.

Ensure that the secure browser is installed on all devices that you want to use for testing.

It is highly recommended that students take an interim, training, or practice test using the secure browser before the summative test window. This allows you to determine whether or not the tests are running without any issues.