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ELA Grade 3 PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_ELA_PLDs_G3.pdf
ELA Grade 4 PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_ELA_PLDs_G4.pdf
ELA Grade 5 PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_ELA_PLDs_G5.pdf
ELA Grade 6 PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_ELA_PLDs_G6.pdf
ELA Grade 7 PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_ELA_PLDs_G7.pdf
ELA Grade 8 PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_ELA_PLDs_G8.pdf
Math Grade 3 PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Math_PLDs_G3.pdf
Math Grade 4 PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Math_PLDs_G4.pdf
Math Grade 5 PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Math_PLDs_G5.pdf
Math Grade 6 PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Math_PLDs_G6.pdf
Math Grade 7 PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Math_PLDs_G7.pdf
Math Grade 8 PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Math_PLDs_G8.pdf
Science Elementary School PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Science_PLDs_ElementarySchool.pdf
Science Middle School PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Science_PLDs_MiddleSchool.pdf
Science High School PLDs /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Science_PLDs_HighSchool.pdf

Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs)

The Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs) identifiy what students are expected to specifically know and to be able to do at each level of performance at each grade level.

NH SAS Score Reports Parent Notification Letter /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH-SAS-Parent-Letter-Template.pdf
NH SAS ISR Interpretation Guide /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_SAS_17-18_Summative_ISR_Interpretation_Guide.pdf

The NH SAS ISR Interpretation Guide was developed as a parent guide for the individual student reports (ISRs) generated for the New Hampshire Statewide Assessment System. It may be used by teachers, administrators, or parents to help interpret a student's assessment scores.

The New Hampshire Department of Education has provided a template for schools and districts to use to help parents understand the context of score reports for the NH Summative Assessments.

AutoScore FAQ /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/AutoScore_FAQ_Interim.pdf
Updated September 10, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to the automated scoring engine used to score the writing portions of the NH SAS.

G6-8 Informative Rubric /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Modular_Interim-Writing_G6-8_Informative.pdf
G3-5 Opinion Rubric /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Modular_Interim-Writing_G3-5_Opinion.pdf
G6-8 Argumentative Rubric /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Modular_Interim-Writing_G6-8_Argumentative.pdf
G3-5 Informative Rubric /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH_Modular_Interim-Writing_G3-5_Informative.pdf

Rubrics for the Interim Comprehensive and Modular Benchmark ELA assessments.

Grades 3–5: Informative/Explanatory Rubric /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/InformationalRubric3-5.pdf
Grades 3–5: Opinion Rubric /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/OpinionRubric3-5.pdf
Grades 6–11: Argumentation Rubric /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/ArgumentationRubric_6-11-1.pdf
Grades 6–11: Informative/Explanatory Rubric /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/InformationalRubric_6-11.pdf
Rubrics for the Summaive ELA Writing assessments.
NH CAC Slides /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH-CAC-Clusters-Nov-19-21-2019.pptx

An edited version of the slides presented at the Content Advisory Committee meeting in Meredith, NH November 18-20. 2019.

NH SAS ELA Vocabulary List /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH-SAS-ELA-vocabulary-list.pdf
These are words that may appear in assessment stems or options on the New Hampshire Statewide Assessment System ELA Assessment.
Read Aloud Protocol /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH-SAS_Read_Aloud_Protocol.pdf
Updated April 03, 2019
Read Aloud is available as a non-embedded accommodation for students whose need is documented in an IEP or 504 plan or a non-embedded designated support for those students for whom this support has been deemed necessary by the school’s educational support team prior to the test.
Scribe Protocol /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NH-SAS_Scribe_Protocol_v2.1.pdf
Protocol for Scribe, a non-embedded designated support for students who have documented significant motor or processing difficulties, or who have had a recent injury (such as a broken hand or arm) that make it difficult to produce responses.