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Remote Testing Teacher/Proctor Training Module /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/Remote-Testing-Proctor-Training-Module_2020-2021_FINAL_V2.pptx

This module will walk you through how to administer assessments to your students when they are not in the school building.

Users who plan to adminster remote assessments must also complete the Remote Testing TA Certification Course prior to administration. More resources for teachers and tech coordinators are available on the User Guides section of the portal. Resources for students and families are available in the Students and Families folder. 

Assessment Viewing Application (AVA) Training Module /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/AVA-Module_2020-2021_FINAL.pptx

AVA is a component of the online testing system that allows authorized users to view modular benchmark assessments for administrative or instructional purposes.

This training module is designed to help you navigate AVA.
These videos are designed to help you navigate various aspects of the Reporting system. Each video addresses a specific task or feature. More videos will be added as they become available. 
Test Administrator (TA) Interface for Online Testing Training Module /core/fileparse.php/2173/urlt/NHSASTA-Interface-Module_2020-2021_FINAL.pptx

This presentation describes the Test Administrator (TA) Interface that you will use to administer online tests to in-person students.

After viewing this presentation, you should be able to:

  • Use the TA Interface to start and run a test session
  • View student test settings and accessibility resources
  • Monitor the testing process
  • Pause and stop a test session
  • Transfer sessions between computers and mobile devices
  • Print test session information
  • Exit and log out of the TA Interface