About the Practice and Training Tests

These tests are for students to practice using the tools and features available within the online system. The following tests are available:

  • ELA
    • Grade 3 ELA Practice Test
    • Grade 4 ELA Practice Test
    • Grade 5 ELA Practice Test
    • Grade 6 ELA Practice Test
    • Grade 7 ELA Practice Test
    • Grade 8 ELA Practice Test
  • Mathematics
    • Grade 3 Math Practice Test
    • Grade 4 Math Practice Test
    • Grade 5 Math Practice Test
    • Grade 6 Math Practice Test
    • Grade 7 Math Practice Test
    • Grade 8 Math Practice Test
  • Science
    • Grade 5 Science Practice Test
    • Grade 8 Science Practice Test
    • High School Science Practice Test

The purpose of these training tests is to become familiar with the system, functionality, and item types; the tests are not intended to guide classroom instruction.

Some students may have difficulty with some of the content; nevertheless, this should not interfere with students’ ability to interact with an item for its intended training purpose. If an item appears to be too difficult, encourage students to experiment with the tools, choose the best answer and move on to the next item.

All universal tools, designated supports, and accommodations approved by the New Hampshire DOE are available on the practice tests.

Users must use a supported secure browser or web browser to access the Training Test site. For more information on available browsers, refer to the Supported Browsers page.